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Koa Consulting strives to reinvent the meaning of customer support.  To do this we work quickly and efficiently to respond to every client's request. 

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The KOA Technology Blog

We spend a good deal of time learning about new technologies that deal with graphic design and branding, website design, development, and Internet marketing and we like to share this with others.  Hopefully you find our blog to be a palatable way for us to talk about this new technology and our thoughts on it.  Please send us feedback if you can think of ways we can improve too.  Thank you!

What is a Content Management System?

In one sense it is yet another acronym, but in another sense it may very well be the most USEFUL tool ever made to develop your business' Internet Presence. Simply put, it allows you to manage the "content" of your website.  By content, we mean text, images, and the layout of your overall website. This breaks down to what makes your website useful to those that frequent it. 

85 Percent of Companies use Open Source Technology

We are proud supporters of Open Source Technology and feel that it leverages us to do so many great things.  Without it we would be required to either have a huge staff of programmers in-house or just wouldn't be able to provide the full range of products and services that we offer.  And guess what?  It turns out 85 percent of companies out there feel a similar way!

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